I have desired to start a blog for the longest time. I even registered this blog, had a couple of posts typed, however I still managed to talk myself out of it just before it was time to post them. Why? you may ask. People who know me well would probably be surprised at my admission. They know that I am always willing to share whatever insight and revelation I receive from God in any season of my life. However, putting myself out there has been particularly challenging for me.

As a professional, I struggled with how I wanted my colleagues and potential employers to perceive me. Being in the Middle East, I wanted to be careful and wise about what I shared on social media. However, in a bid to be careful, I became fearful, and that fear gave way to complete reticence. So even though I have felt the stirring in my heart for so long, my inhibitions always had the upper hand and those ideas remained in my word processor document or in my head.

Amid my self-imposed limitations, I have heard God say to me in the words of the song I wrote 10 years ago, Strength – “Have no fear, for I am with you and do not be dismayed for I am your God.” from Isaiah 41:10, and “This is my command-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord God is with you wherever you go”. Joshua 1:9

What then does courage look like? I have heard so many definitions of courage including the following from the web dictionary as “the ability to do something that frightens one”. I think this definition paints a beautiful picture of the willingness to act even when one is potentially scared of the outcome. As a Christian, the idea of courage goes beyond acting in spite of fear to one of trust. A dear friend of ours spoke about doing the trust fall game with his kids to teach them the principle of trust, with a view to ultimately show them that God can be trusted.  With this illustration in mind, if we felt God calling us to change the status quo and move beyond our self-imposed limitations, what should our response be? A fearful one resulting from the worst possible scenarios that play themselves out in our minds, or one of trust in a loving Father who never sends us where his grace cannot take us?

I suggest it is the latter. We trust that God will catch us always, and underneath us are his everlasting arms (Deut 33:27). As someone puts it, we can’t lose for winning. Fear makes us look in the wrong direction- at ourselves and our own abilities whilst God calls up to look up as Lauren Daigle sings so beautifully in her song “Look up child”.

Over to you! Do you feel like God is challenging you to go beyond your limitations and change the status quo? What is holding you back? What is one thing you are going to do to even though it frightens you in response to God’s call?

8 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. Claire, one of the things i have discovered in writing is the ability to convey your thoughts and feeling in a way your audience would simply understands it and relate to it, so far, you nailed this post on courage-is well delivered. The Master of your destiny- God knows that His grace that has brought you thus far, is able to lead you in every step.


  2. Claire … you are a pearl!
    This message is so timely and speaks loudly and clearly to me and I cannot avoid or downplay the question you ask!
    Yes – God is challenging me to go beyond my limitations and change the status quo.
    I am reading “Greater” by Steve Furtick… and now the challenge is glaring at me.
    Thank you!
    You always help me over the edge to become greater than my fears!


  3. Just what I needed, Claire.
    It’s time to take that leap, as you put it so beautifully, trusting a loving Father who would never send us where His grace cannot take us.
    Thanks so much. xx


  4. Claire, thank you so much for writing this.
    Its speaking so loudly to me. Specifically into the current season I find myself. Thank you for the perspective you always bring. Keep on writing. God bless you Claire. ❤


  5. Claire, thank you so much for writing this.
    Its speaking so loudly to me. Specifically into the current season I find myself. Thank you for the perspective you always bring. Keep on writing.


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